Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!

  • Midshipman Parent's Pass

    In early August, parents of new Midshipmen will receive an ID card in the mail which, when presented with a government-issued photo ID (such as a drivers license), can be used to access the Academy with a vehicle any time during your Midshipman's attendance at USNA.  It is not vehicle specific and may be used with rental cars.

    The Midshipman Parent’s Pass (MPP) is issued through the mail to the address that your Midshipman provides in the Midshipman Identification System (MIDS), USNA's data base.  No action is required to receive the initial card and it should arrive in early August.  Each parent will receive his/her own card.  Please be sure your Midshipman enters accurate information into MIDS, including information for parents living at a different address who are each entitled to visit here.

    If you require a new card due to loss, change of address, incorrect information etc., one may be requested by visiting the Pass and ID office located in the Visitor Access Center at Gate 1.  Pass and ID is open from Monday through Friday, 0600-1600 and is closed on weekends and holidays.  A temporary pass will be issued immediately and a new card will arrive via mail within 30 days.  Alternatively, you may e-mail providing your Midshipman’s full name and Alpha number and the parent’s name and address.  A new card should arrive via mail within thirty days.  If you arrive after the Pass and ID office is closed and do not have your card, proceed to either Gate 1 or Gate 8. Let the gate sentry know you are a Midshipman Parent and present him with photo identification.  He will verify the database and permit your vehicle to enter.

    The MPP is valid as long as your midshipman is enrolled at USNA and expires two weeks after graduation. MPP’s are issued to parents only.  If parents are divorced, a separate card will be issued for each parent and step-parent.  An e-mail should be sent to requesting additional cards for parents. There are times during the Midshipman year when the pass will allow access to the “Yard” but not parking.  These periods include but are not limited to Induction Day and Commissioning and Graduation Weeks.  During times of parking restrictions, parking will be available at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and at public parking lots in Annapolis.

    If you have any questions concerning vehicle access to USNA, please contact the Pass & ID office located in the Visitor Access Center at 410-293-5762. They are open from Monday through Friday, 0700-1530 and are closed on weekends and holidays.