USNA Parent Survival Guide ~ Care Packages

Dahlgren Hall
Order Gift certificates ($5.00 ) by phone 410-293-2434 or by FAX 410-293-2226. If that fails, we will take orders from 410-293-2873.We will accept Visa or Master Card, or you may also send a check. We will mail them to you, or your favorite friend or aMidshipmen may pick them up at the Drydock Restaurant. Order a pizza and have your Mid's roommate pick it up for a surprise. Order several pizzas and create a party. This option is great when security is tight and delivery from outside is not possible.

Souvenir, Ltd.
(also operating as The Store in Sherwood Forest)
132 Sherwood Forest Road
Sherwood Forest MD 21405
We can do birthday cakes/cookies/pies for the Midshipmen, and deliver them to the Yard. We have been a Sponsor family for 4 years, and have a son who is Class of '06. Our cafe/convenience store is located in the community of Sherwood Forest, about 5 miles from the Annapolis Mall. Hours are 0630-1830 Monday through Saturday, and 0900-1400 Sunday. We are also a catering and event planning business. We can cater everything from intimate dinners for two, to weddings for 200. As a special event planner, I also have information regarding all services needed for a party: venue, food, flowers, rentals (dishes to chairs), tents, printers, favors, photographers/videographers, etc. Call for information or to place an order.

Chick and Ruth's Deli
Fabulous Sandwiches, Old Fashioned Milk Shakes, Ice Cream, and Bakery.
Delivery depends on whether they have someone to deliver.
Phone: 410-269-6737 Fax: (410) 269-6738

The Cookie Factory
Calvary United Methodist Church
(410) 268-1776, Fax: (410) 268-5283 Attn. Beverly Henry
301 Rowe Blvd, Annapolis 21401
Homemade cookies baked & delivered to the Yard. This is a project of their Youth Ministry. Profits fund mission projects. (Delivery Dates: 9/6, 10/4, 11/1 - 12/7 - 2/7 - 3/6 - 4/3 - 5/1) $2.50/dozen, includes a message from sender.

The Yum Yum Club
The Yum-Yum Club is a family business, owned by Carter and Wayne Rardon. Sponsor parents to USNA Midshipmen since 1988. We offer a variety of care packages, some for those with a sweet tooth, or maybe they prefer salty. We will also do special orders. We can deliver that FRESH cake or cookies with in 24 to 48 hours of an order. Give us a call at 1-800-805-2339 or order on line.

Sandi's Flower Shop
260 King George St., (410) 268-0188 or toll free at: (888) 474-FLWR
Conveniently located in historic downtown Annapolis adjacent to Gate 3 of the Naval Academy. We will hand deliver your care packages directly to Bancroft. Sandi, the owner and operator, is the mother of a current Midshipman, as well as a Navy wife and sponsor mom to a houseful of Midshipmen. Care packages and goodie baskets will receive individual attention and be hand delivered to Bancroft Hall. We do special orders. When your Mid has to Stand Duty all weekend, send a special "I CARE" package. When your Mid is "unsat"after 6 weeks, 12 weeks or final exams, SEND BRAIN FOOD!

Other Options:
Also the following restaurants deliver to USNA. They are very accomodating about faxing their menus. When Mids can't get off the yard you can call and order for them using your debit card or charge card. Include a tip and give them a timeto deliver it. Your Mid can go to Gate 1 and pick up the order with no hassle. Just a little pick me up when your Mid needs something.

Graul's Market
Menu Selection
This market will make up care packages too, they will even do a 6 foot sub party with at least 2 days notice. Pretty much anything you want to send, they make too. Graul's can no long deliver packages to the yard. USNA sends them back. SECURITY changed post 9-11. If you want to order from Graul's, you will need to contact a Mid to pick it up and deliver it to your Mid.

607 Taylor Ave (at Rowe Boulevard)

Today's Pizza

Mr. Wangs Hunan

Court of Shanghai

Joy Luck Delivery

Tony's Pizza and Pasta


Gift Certificates - Always the right choice! - Shoppingtown Annapolis - Gift cards (410) 266-5432
Crown Theatres at Annapolis Mall

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