USNA Parent Survival Guide ~ Contact Numbers Home

SNA's Public Affairs Office Phone Numbers Website
Cancelations, Weather, Gate Pass Regulations, and Information Updates - 410-293-0369

Call your Mid 1-443-321-**** (the *'s are for their room number)
Bancroft - Main Office 1-410-293-5001
Gift Shop 1-410-268-3355 /
Info & Guided Tours 1-410-263-6933
Mid Store 1-410-293-2392 or
fax: 410-263-8345
Call Heidi: 410-293-2408
Naval Institute 1-410-268-6110
Naval Station - Annapolis
Navy Credit Union
Navy Lodge 1-410-757-7900
Officer & Faculty Club 1-410-263-8280
or 1-410-293-2611
Omega Travel l- 410-280-9755
Public Affairs Office 1-410-293-2291
Ticket Office 1-800-US4-NAVY
Thornton Studio 1-410-266-7424
Thrift Store 1-410-293-4402 Located over on Naval Station. Open Tues. and Thurs. from 1000 to 1300. Also open on the 3rd Sat. of each month from 1000 to 1400. Must have military ID.
Uniform Department in Bancroft (NAF) 410 293-2380
Uniforms Online Order new uniforms or replacement pieces
USNA Alumni Association 1-410-263-4448
USNA Foundation 1-410-293-1945
USNA Post Office 410-293-3787  
The address for overnight letters or packages using a
service that won't take a PO Box is:

MIDN ____________
XX Company
Bancroft Express Office
(410) 293-5001
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, Maryland 21412

Okay, you've got a Mid with a car. Perhaps you live hundreds of miles away from Annapolis. They have limited time to get the mechanical issues dealt with and they call you up with the latest vehicle problem. What do you suggest? Well, here are a few parental experiences to help guide you along....
My Mid had the radiator die in her car right as she was about to head home for intercessionals in May. She had the car towed from the Navy Lodge to Crownsville Automotive in Crownsville, MD (which I do not think is far) and they put a new radiator in that morning so she could be on her way home in the afternoon. She was very happy with them and the fact that they did the work so quickly for her. Crownsville Automotive’s number is 410-923-6995 or 410-923-7430. Good luck!

I highly recommend Cape Auto Repairs or something like that They are near the Cape St. Claire offramp on 50. I think that is the name or something like that. They are located on E. College Parkway, where it is a frontage road to 50. They are very reasonable and good.
I have used Autosport before when I had vehicle problems in Annapolis. He was price fairly and helped out because I was a visitor to the Academy. I dealt with the owner but do not have his name on my records.Autosport is located at 29 Lee Street, Annapolis. Phone (410) 571-6660.
NAPA Auto Care Centers are generally great places to get your car fixed. There's one at Phipps Automotive which is about 10 miles away. The email address is and the phone number is (410) 867-7315. You could also call the Annapolis Napa Store on 1750 Mcguckian St, Tel: (410) 263-2695 and ask them to recommend an area repair facility that may specialize in your Mid's particular vehicle and problem. You should get a pretty good reference.